Parts of the House

All of our inspections include a Thermal Scan if requested, at no additional cost!

Our inspections include everything in the house, including parts such as:

  1. Roof – We will determine what condition the roof covering is in, and if it is functional or potentially leaking. Usually, these are shingles but they may be another material, such as steel or clay.  There are also flashings around the perforations through the roof that might cause issues.
  2. Electrical – The wiring may be copper or aluminum or possibly even a very old knob and tube. There may also be issues with some outlets. We will discover how many Amps are being delivered to the house.
  3. Plumbing – Leaks here can cause damage to the structures in the house. We instruct on what to do when there is no hot water, for example.  We can suggest ways of saving hot water and thus reducing costs.
  4. Structure – Generally not a problem, but there can be bulges or cracks in walls. We can explain how serious they may be.
  5. Heating – We have seen newer furnaces that have had trouble. There are some air balance efficiencies that we point out to make houses more comfortable!
  6. Cooling – Similar to heating, we show you what to watch out for.
  7. Insulation – Insulation can save on heating and cooling costs. We are able to determine how much you have.
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Complete Inspection Services

Every little bit counts.

Buying a House

Also known as a Pre-Purchase inspection, the inspector will walk along with you and inspect as well as educate you on all components.  This will take up to 3 hours to complete as there are many parts to a house, but can be done quicker if needed.  ClearSite insists that the buyer be present for the inspection since discussion needs to take place.  This may not be that obvious in the report.  One can be assured that everything will be looked at and any stress or hesitancy, especially for first-time home-buyers, will be addressed.

Selling a House

Also known as a Pre-Listing Inspection. One can get the maximum value for your house when you are selling it.  There may be issues that are not necessarily obvious even though you are living there.  For example, hot and neutral wires may be reversed in some outlets but this is not apparent when using the outlet, only when testing.

One-Year Tarion Warranty

If your house is newly built, you can claim defects, unauthorized substitutions and other items under the Tarion warranty.  An inspection can help determine what these issues are.

Radon Inspections

Radon is a colourless, odourless gas that can seep into a basement from the soil through cracks or penetrations in the foundation.  Radon is known to have adverse health effects, including the potential for lung cancer.  ClearSite Inspections can offer a simple and cost-effective radon test to verify if the radon levels are within acceptable standards.

Some more information on Radon can be found 7 Most Common Myths about Radon – Evict Radon

Thermal Inspections

A Thermal camera can find unique things.  It finds the difference between hot and cold using Infrared Technology.  There could be missing insulation in walls which will make the room more uncomfortable.  There also may be water leaks, producing cold spots on the thermal picture.  These items are more difficult to find on their own.

After the Inspection

You will receive an electronic or paper Inspection Report within usually 24 hours of the inspection.  It will include descriptions of any problems, as well as unique illustrations which visually describe the condition.  If you have any questions after the inspection, you are welcome to email or call 226-929-3589 at no extra charge.  If needed our inspector will come to the house to further analysis.

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